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PhD Research Positions

We are currently seeking PhD students interested in all aspects of human-robot interaction. Please contact us for further information.


Welcome to the Centre for Social Robotics

Social robotics is a research field dedicated to robots that are placed in social spaces. Social spaces are defined as spaces that involve the general public; examples include hospitals, galleries, nursing homes, museums, airports and domestic environments (not factory robots). We are active in the creation and use of robotics technology in all types of intelligent machines, devices and products that assist, improve and enhance our experience in using these technologies in everyday life activities. We are therefore interested not only in large-scale robots but also in smaller-scale interactive, intelligent objects and products. These areas bring together multi-disciplinary expertise in intelligent machines, electronics, software and human-machine interaction.

Our approach to designing and developing such technologies is influenced not only by strictly scientific criteria but takes into consideration social concerns. As rapid scientific and technological progress is made in robotics, and as robots begin to move out of factories and laboratories into everyday life, we recognise that social dimensions of robotics are becoming critical not only to wide adoption of these emerging technologies, but also to their appropriate deployment in society.

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