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Fish-Bird: Credits

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Fish-Bird was created collaboratively by:

  • Mari Velonaki: Artist/Researcher;
  • David Rye: Robotic System Design;
  • Steve Scheding: Software Architecture;
  • Stefan Williams: Tracking System.

We acknowledge the invaluable contributions made to the project by the following people:

  • Lead programmer: James Hudson;
  • Mechanical fabrication: Bruce Crundwell;
  • Plastics fabrication: Alan Trinder;
  • Upholstery: Grant Panozzo;
  • Research and prototyping: Martin Edgren & Erik Wahlström;
  • Bluetooth circuitry and firmware: Alex Green;
  • Wheelchair trajectory generation: Luke Sassé & Lisa Edvinsson;
  • Visual tracking algorithms and software: Alex Brooks;
  • Network and communications software: Alexei Makarenko, Matt Ridley & Alex Brooks;
  • Font manipulation and text processing: Dave Wood;
  • ‘Handwriting’ trajectory generation: Andrew Hill;
  • Technical support: Chris Mifsud, Richard Grover & Jeremy Randle.

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