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Interactive Objects: Interactive State


Circle D: Fragile Balances (2008) - Installation view.

If a visitor picks up one of the cube-like objects from its floating base the text becomes disturbed and barely readable, influenced directly by the movement of the visitor’s hands. The sensitive structure of the personalised messages flowing between the two fictional characters remains disturbed as long as the visitor moves or turns the object quickly or abruptly.

The only way that the participant can allow the messages to again flow around the object is to handle it with care – gently and softly cradling the object in his/her hands in concert with the rhythm of the handwritten messages. If the luminous cube objects are not handled by visitors the work stands on its own as a complete sculptural piece containing an internal kinetic element – the moving text. In this installation the objects provide an interface that facilitates bidirectional communication between the participants and the artwork.

Circle D: Fragile Balances deals with concepts of fragility, trust and communication by playfully challenging the participants to pause and enter the rhythm of the floating words and the dialogues that they lead to.

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