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Interactive Objects: Technical Overview

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Circle D: Fragile Balances (2008) - detail.



The cube-like objects are custom-built from high-resolution LCD screens that are framed in black bean (Castanospermum australe) timber sourced from North Queensland. Each object contains two custom-built miniaturised microcomputers, accelerometer sensors, batteries and circuitry for battery charging and power management. The objects communicate with each other using embedded Bluetooth wireless links. Although the construction of these objects required the use of cutting-edge technology, this technology is concealed so that does not interfere with the poetics and aesthetics of the work. The work is self-contained and cable-free and has no technical requirements for installation or maintenance. The lacquered wood structure is also constructed from black bean, and conceals a battery charger for each object. The slender legs are reinforced internally by 4130 aircraft-grade steel tubing through which the power and Ethernet cables run.

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